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classicSHEER is the newest member of the true handle-less SHEER collection and artfully combines modern functionality with that much-loved traditional look.


The classicSHEER model is defined by a strikingly beautiful framed flat door. The frame itself is solid tulipwood and features a distinctive chamfered profile, that flows elegantly to the flat centre panel. The tops of the doors are also chamfered to allow comfortable handle-less opening. 


The doors and panels of each kitchen are hand-painted in any Farrow & Ball. Little Greene or Tomas colour and the trims (plinths and rails) can be matching or in a contrasting wood or metallic finish.


Top trims, end pieces and other details can be individually created to fine tune the look and, as with all the Tomas Collection you’ll find solid oak drawers, plywood cabinets and unlimited options for shapes and sizes.


If you’re looking for a traditional looking kitchen with modern functionality then classicSHEER could be more than just perfect!




  • True Handle-less SHEER design

  • Solid Tulipwood Frame

  • Flat Centre Panel

  • Distinctive Chamfered Profile

  • Hand Painted in any Farrow & Ball, Little Greene or Tomas Colour

  • Matching or Contrasting Trims

  • Solid Oak Drawers

  • Plywood Cabinets

  • Bespoke Sizes

  • Individual Styling Options

Tomas Hinton on the new classicSHEER model...“I wanted to design a traditional model, without it becoming too twiddly and fussy… at the same time it needs to look the business and be functional. Quite a challenge, but I’m absolutely delighted with the result”


A classicSHEER display is currently being built for Tomas London and at this early stage, there is an opportunity for clients with large and photogenic spaces to benefit from generous discounts in return for photography access. Additionally we may wish to bring a maximum of three potential clients to visit the kitchen at a convenient time. Interested parties should email Tomas Hinton direct...  

classicSHEER Styling Details 

classicSHEER is the newest member of the true handle-less SHEER collection and artfully combines modern functionality with that much-loved traditional look.

classicSHEER Panelled Door.jpg

classicSHEER Styling Detail #1

Flat Panel and Chamfered Framed Doors

Each door is hand-painted and hand-built with a flat plywood centre panel with solid tulip wood frame. The frame is chamfered and constructed with traditional mortice and tenon joints. The chamfer is easier to keep clean, contributes to the distinctive classicSHEER look and echoes the hidden chamfer at the tops of the handle-less doors.  

classicSHEER Grooved End Piece.jpg

classicSHEER Styling Detail #3

Grooved End Pieces

End Pieces are grooved for texture, but the detail ends before the panel touches the floor - which facilitates cleaning and hygiene. The front of  the panel is moulded and slightly rounded so the Tomas Soft Square detail can be applied if desired. This is another perfect example of how classicSHEER achieves authentic traditional styling without compromising on the practical realities of the modern working kitchen.

classicSHEER Top Trim.jpg

classicSHEER Styling Detail #2

Top Trims and Cornices

The tops of wall cabinets are trimmed to add that sense of  tradition. Here a simple oak trim is applied, however special mouldings and more elaborate cornices can also be specified - including featured centre and corner pieces.    

classicSHEER Individual Pieces.jpg

classicSHEER Styling Detail #4

Individual Pieces

Each kitchen is hand-built to order so creating individual pieces to suit tricky spaces and particular requirements is all in a days work. Here a Tomas teaCASE is given the classicSHEER treatment... perfect for the tea caddies, cups all the paraphernalia !

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