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naturalSHEER... Modern, Yet Not Overly Modern.

naturalSHEER is the quintessential Classic Modern Kitchen style by Tomas. It's soft organic forms and curved features, make this exquisite design very appealing and lovely to live with. It is a truly timeless look, that is often described as 'Modern, Yet Not Overly Modern'.  


naturalSHEER Styling Details 

All the SHEER cabinet models share the same basic cabinet, with that distinctive handle-less door, oak drawers and plywood carcasses. The colours and trim finishes can also be applied to the entire collection. When the Styling Details are added, each model takes on its own individual character. 

naturalSHEER Styling Details are always very ergonomic, soft and organic. When they are all combined with a carefully considered layout and colour scheme it's almost like magic! 

naturalSHEER Styling Detail 1 Sheer Edge Countertop.jpg

naturalSHEER Styling Detail #1


The 45° angled edge on countertops makes door opening more comfortable and direct. The slim vertical part of the profile catches the light and strikes a fine balance with slim end pieces.

Beautiful and functional... just like all the naturalSHEER styling details.  

naturalSHEER Styling Detail 4 Stepping Out.jpg

naturalSHEER Styling Detail #4


When base elements meet tall elements, the tall elements are ‘stepped out’ to provide a stopping point for the overhanging countertop. 

Meanwhile, the line of the plinth continues uninterrupted to facilitate movement and sweeping. 


The side of the tall element is clad with a Fingertip End Piece, to soften the transition and enhance the organic feel of naturalSHEER.

naturalSHEER Styling Detail 2 Fingertip.jpg

naturalSHEER Styling Detail #2


Small rounded edges soften everything and contribute to the tactile and timeless style.  The edge profile of the end pieces is reminiscent of the shape of a finger and was accordingly nick-named.

A small, that goes a long way to defining that naturalSHEER look.

naturalSHEER Styling Detail - Sweptline End Piece.jpg

naturalSHEER Styling Detail #5


End pieces are either ‘Plinth-Line’ when they stop above the plinth, ‘Floor-Line’ when they simply drop straight to the floor or ‘Swept-Line’ when they are cutaway to facilitate movement and sweeping.

Again, this Styling Detail is foremost about functionality, yet contributes to the overall naturalSHEER look.

naturalSHEER Styling Detail 3.jpg

naturalSHEER Styling Detail #3


The countertop follows the contour of the fingertip end piece to create this rounded corner detail.

Details like this are very 'naturalSHEER' but can also found in the sheerCASE range and many other areas of the Tomas Collection.

naturalSHEER Styling Details 6 parting curves.jpg

naturalSHEER Styling Detail #6


To create leg room on a sitting area of a curved island or peninsular, we often deploy a 600mm curved cabinet beneath a 950mm curved countertop. As the two radii move away from each other the leg room emerges. 

Parting Curves is another great naturalSHEER design detail, functional and beautiful, with an organic form that is most pleasing to the eye. 

Here are some naturalSHEER projects and concepts... happy browsing :-)

Greenwich Blues

This stunning naturalSHEER kitchen in Greenwich, London has a rectangular island featuring the distinctive Soft Square Corner detail. The strikingly beautiful Poppyfield Dark Blue is contratsted with Haven Cool Grey, Ash, Aluminium Trims and Misty Carrera Caesarstone countertops.  

The U-Shaped Kitchen

This large kitchen space had only one useable wall... a beautiful and functional solution came in the shape of this stunning u-shaped island. 

Poppyfield Light Leaf & Ash

Poppyfield Light Leaf with Ash make for a zingy yet, tasteful colour theme... as can be seen in this kitchen display at Tomas St Albans.

The J-Shaped Kitchen

Many kitchens are perfectly designed along the lines of a straight run and an island... occasionally when space and client requirements align, a J-Shaped peninsular is the perfect design solution.

The Art of Juxtaposition

Rather than try to match in with the style of an older property, consider a tasteful contrast. Thanks to the timeless and understated nature of naturalSHEER, it can be successfully deployed in virtually any interior setting.

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