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Beautiful Blending

Cambridgeshire Kitchen Project

The Story    

The new owners of a glorious 16th century thatched property were delighted with the extra space and a large garden. The curtains, decorations, and floor coverings were swiftly up-dated - but the kitchen posed more of a dilemma. The existing kitchen had seen better days and the ‘mock-old’ look didn’t sit well with this client’s astute perception of good design. On the other hand, it seemed that a modern kitchen would clash horribly with the old beams and traditional character of the house.


One morning, the words 'MODERN YET NOT OVERLY MODERN' jumped out from a magazine article featured by Tomas Kitchen Living. Intrigued by the article, a showroom visit was arranged and suddenly everything became crystal clear.

They discovered the naturalSHEER model,  a classic modern kitchen with clean lines, wood accents, and a timeless feel that would sit well in the traditional setting. Rather than try to match the old, the idea is to create a tasteful contrast.

The Art of Juxtaposition

Consider your house and its fixtures (doors, windows, stairs, skirtings architraves and floors) as one entity. Now draw an imaginary line and then add items that contrast and blend beautifully - you’ll soon get a sense of what works and what doesn’t. 

We know for a fact that a Tomas Kitchen works very well indeed! The result will be an interesting and eclectic space that isn’t too busy or confused. 

There you have it, ‘the art of juxtaposition’.

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The Design    

"The kitchen design was extremely tricky. Lots of beams, exceptionally low ceilings, irregular shapes everywhere and a step!. After two of three liveDESIGN sessions, the optimum layout finally emerged. The design solution achieved everything on the client’s wish list including: extensive work surface space, an island with seating, eye level ovens, voluminous fridge space and even space for an integrated washing machine."

Tomas Hinton | Founder & Designer

naturalSHEER - The Art of Juxtaposition - Knighton Warn Grey.jpg

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