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If A Kitchen Could Smile

Characterised by a fabulous ‘scoop-out’ behind each of the handles, the classic modern SCOOP model exudes warmth and charm. The ‘scoop-out’ not only looks fab, it has a function too. The extra grasp space behind the handle makes the doors very practical and comfortable to use. Countertops have the giant fingertip edge profile to complement other classic modern signature design details, adding to the soft and friendly vibe.


Extremely pleasing to the eye... SCOOP is cheeky, happy, individual and yet very smart !


Streamlined, Functional with a more ‘Industrial Feel' 

The SKATE model is defined by a cool selection of flush handles, which are inset into wood or Abstract Five coloured doors. Curved ‘TOUCH’ cabinets can be deployed, if desired, and the Design Details can be from either ‘Classic Modern’ or ‘Minimal Cubist’. Solid oak drawers and birch ply carcasses come as standard.

Streamlined, stylish and practical - the SKATE model is the perfect foundation for a more industrial styled kitchen.

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