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minimalSHEER is all about clean lines, right angles and minimalism! In place of the soft and organic forms of naturalSHEER, a sharper, ultra-modern look is created with these neat styling details.

minimalSHEER Styling Details 

All the SHEER cabinet models share the same basic cabinet, with that distinctive handle-less door, oak drawers and plywood carcasses. The colours and trim finishes can also be applied to the entire collection. When the Styling Details are added, each model takes on its own individual character. 

minimalSHEER styling details are added to a standard Sheer Cabinet to create pure and simple kitchens with a cubic and minimalistic theme.  

minimalSHEER Styling Detail 1 Square Edge Countertop.jpg

minimalSHEER Styling Detail #1


Flush with door face, usually 20mm thick for a simple cubic look and clean lines.

minimalSHEER Styling Detail 2 Drop Mitre Countertop.jpg

minimalSHEER Styling Detail #2


The countertop is mitred and simply dropped down to the floor.

minimalSHEER Styling Detail 3 Flush Side Sailing.jpg

minimalSHEER Styling Detail #3


Angled doors on tall elements neatly sail over the side...

Walnut and Knighton Warm Grey

A striking section of book matched walnut island is echoed with the walnut trims and made to 'pop' against the calm and neutral tones of the back drop.

Oak and Haven Warm Grey

This stunning kitchen epitomises the minimalSHEER concept... ultra clean-lines, square details and a neutral colour scheme... which is warmed up with splashes of oak.

minimalSHEER at Tomas London

Come and visit this stunning naturalSHEER kitchen display at Tomas London - Poppyfield Dark Blue, Haven Cool Grey, Ash Trims, Ash Box Shelves, Brushed Gold Accents, Stataturo Maximus Caesarstone, Bora Pure Hob, Barazza Sink/Tap and much more... 

Haven Cool Grey... Very Cool!

Haven Cool Grey, Haven White, Pure Oak Trims provide a cool and calm backdrop for a busy lifestyle... shots of black by way of the Mercury Range Cooker, furniture, pendants and window frames add drama.

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