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A wonderful collection of free-standing cabinets for living kitchen areas and beyond...

sheerCASE by Tomas is perfect as a sideboard, additional kitchen storage or a media cabinet. It can also be deployed in virtually any other room - such as a home-study, hallways and the bedroom. The sleekness and clean-lines are achieved thanks to the handle-less SHEER design details. Doors and top drawer fronts have a chamfered edge and are lowered to facilitate handle-less opening. Between the top of the door and the top panel a continuous rail is revealed, which can either match the top or be in a contrasting metallic finish. 

There are over eighty standard sizes, two standard heights, 610 and 910mm and two basic shapes:


1. Straight with soft square corners 
2. Fully curved with doors going back to the wall.


The solid tops and bottom panels are made from solid oak, ash or walnut and also feature the distinctive fingertip edge profile, which softens the look and improves access for door opening. As standard, the 22mm door and drawer fronts are beautifully lacquered in your choice of Tomas colour. Special colours and book-matched wood veneers are also an option.

Please contact us to request THE CASE & TABLE COLLECTION brochure (available in digital and printed format)  and/or to arrange a showroom visit. 

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