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J-Shaped Layout

The Story  

Our client had just bought a newly built, traditional farmhouse-style detached house and wanted to replace the kitchen straight away. They wanted a more sociable environment where they could chat while cooking, and where dinner parties would be at a table in the same living space to create a fun, relaxed environment.

Striking the right chord between the traditional elements of the property and the client’s requirement for modern and functional kitchen furniture should have been challenging… it wasn’t! This is exactly what naturalSHEER is all about!! 

The Details...

The organic and tactile styling details of naturalSHEER, combined with the soft colour scheme and the Cameo White Corian pulled together really well with the existing limestone floor and architectural oak features.

All the cabinets are made to order and are tailor made to suit the space. Individual pieces such as the teaCASE and the sideCASE by the dining table add extra interest and blur the line between the furniture and the kitchen itself. 

naturalSHEER - Haven Green Grey - J Shaped Peninsular - Bestlite by GUBI.jpg
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"The existing kitchen was 8 or 9 years old – it didn’t utilise the space effectively and the design made the room feel like a a big corridor. The original kitchen incorporated a range cooker, set in a fake inglenook, which was positioned on the opposite side of the room to the sink. The aim was to create a layout that brought the working elements of the kitchen together. This was achieved by incorporating a continuous J shaped countertop and by taking the fake inglenook set-up out altogether."

Tomas Hinton | Founder & Designer

Tomas Turner Table - Solid Oak - CH20 Elbow Chairs by Carl Hansen.jpg

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