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An ever evolving collection of exquisite free-standing furniture - handbuilt at Tomas Cambridge.

CASE is the name for our collection of freestanding cabinets - designed by Tomas P Hinton, our Founder and Creative Director .


Many of the classic Tomas design hallmarks are featured, such as soft-square corners, curved doors and dovetailed construction details. 

Whilst the collection naturally complements the distinctive look of the kitchens, everything works very well as stand alone pieces in many interior settings.

In this area of the website, you can discover the different types of CASE; sheerCASE, boxCASE - the list goes on and is always evolving! 

There are also some truly wonderful tables... for dining (and lounge) we have the TURNER TABLES (named after the solid wood ‘turned’ legs) and for the lounge, check out those super-cool guitar plectrum shaped STRUM TABLES!  

Beyond the collection shown here, non-standard sizes, bespoke pieces and fully fitted arrangements can also be created to suit exacting requirements. 

Please contact us to request THE CASE & TABLE COLLECTION brochure (available in digital and printed format)  and/or to arrange a showroom visit. 

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