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When do I need to decide on the kitchen layout for my build project?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

If you’re building a new home or an extension, you may well be trying to figure out at what stage you need to have your kitchen design decided - it’s always a tricky one!

Many kitchen companies won’t be willing dedicate design expertise and valuable time to a job that seems a little too far down-the-line, yet on the other hand, some of the best kitchens designs are created while the building plans are still in a state of flux. For example, a small tweak to a window position could

possibly unlock the optimum kitchen design or perhaps a brick projection (supporting a steel) can be made deeper to define the kitchen area – and perhaps reduce the span for a new steel beam. Likewise, decisions on the precise position of doors and openings can be better informed when the kitchen design is known.

So there is strong case for designing the kitchen in tandem with the layout of the interior architecture.

The kitchen design will also be required for locations for mechanical services. Positions for drains, lighting, power supplies for appliances and sockets will all be required in advance of the build, or a couple of weeks before first fix stage at the very latest!

In some cases (often when the architect is project managing) the kitchen is decided very early, even before the tendering process begins. In other cases, the kitchen budget may not be known until the build costs have been calculated. A classic a chicken and egg situation!

At Tomas Kitchen Living, we believe that the best time to start thinking about the layout in detail is after Planning Permission has been granted, but before detailed working drawings are prepared for Building Control. This provides an opportunity to tweak the design (if necessary) and advise on positions for services before the drawings are finalised.

Occasionally we have even been consulted at pre-planning stage a few times. Sometimes, the size of an extension is determined by the space required for a good-sized kitchen and dining area. Having said that, in town the extensions are usually as big as the space and planning constraints allow!

The kitchen is the centre piece of most projects and as such should not be unnecessarily compromised in its design.

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Emaan Seo Xperts
Oct 07, 2022

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