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Timeless Tomas Style… on Trend (as always)!

How interesting to see that PINK is the latest hot colour in kitchen trends… it was just the other day I visited a pink, blue, walnut and gold kitchen we installed off Mill Road earlier this year.

Whilst we’ve never been dedicated followers of kitchen fashion, it’s great to find ourselves right there at the cutting edge!

If you believe what you read, Pink, Reeded Glass and Free Standing Elements are all the rage – and we do all this so stylishly!

We’ve not yet shot the aforementioned kitchen, but it reminded me of a pink kitchen we did in 2019… so you see we’re actually ahead of curve!

Talking of curves, this island looks truly fabulous! The curved doors, cabinets, drawers all made in-house at Tomas Cambridge (just off Newmarket Road).

Like most of our own colours it is inspired by my father and grandfather’s abstract oil paintings, this one is called Poppyfield Pink and came from the Poppyfield Painting.

It’s very subdued and sophisticated… dare I say ‘safe’! If you wanted a more vibrant shade of pink, or any colour for that matter, all you have to do is ask!

Tomas kitchens are built to last a lifetime, which is why we don't follow the latest trends. Typically, the Tomas Look is Classic Modern, that is to say truly timeless!

Changing a kitchen isn’t like changing your clothes, so a wise move may be to go for colour on walls, soft furnishings etc and play it safe with the kitchen cabinets and tops.

Choose colours you love and have always loved… be inspired by trends, but do what you love and not what you’re told to love!

Reeded Glass

Reeded glass doors on cabinets do look superb. We introduced them into our collection as a feature of our decoSHEER style, but we use this extensively on many projects.


Alongside our gorgeous kitchens, we have a stunning range of free-standing furniture, called the CASE & TABLES COLLECTION.

Discover exquisite pieces such as the brand new drinksCASE, sheerCASES and the boxCASES. There are even tables which mix and match with our Danish Furniture and Lighting side.

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