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Beautiful Kitchen Design In Highgate

If you’re looking for a beautiful and unique kitchen for your Highgate home, then you’ve undoubtedly come to the right place. Here at Tomas Kitchen Living, we design and craft our own range of wonderful, highly distinctive kitchens. Different looks are achieved by selecting various styling details. Whether it's ultra modern, our signature classic modern style or something more traditional - the end result is always beautifully functional.


At Tomas Kitchen Living, we are really proud of the wonderful collection we’ve created, and it’s our pleasure to share our lovely kitchens with you. Having dedicated over twelve years to honing and refining our collection, 

From how simple or challenging it is to use your kitchen to the forms and colours that please the eye, the environment you live in impacts how you experience each day. At Tomas Kitchen Living, we are sensitive to your individual requirements and will collaborate closely with you to find your optimum layout, colour scheme and distinctive design style.


To discuss how we can find the perfect Tomas kitchen for your Highgate home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by clicking below…


Visit Our Kitchen Showroom Near Highgate

Our nearest showroom to Highgate is just 10 minutes around the corner, in Hampstead Garden Suburb, where we also have free visitor parking. Here you will find a range of beautiful Tomas kitchens to explore alongside a lovely collection of Danish designs and lighting pieces.


As you browse our showroom, you’ll quickly discover that our Tomas kitchens are quite different from the run-of-the-mill offerings you may have seen before. Our graceful, handcrafted designs are beautiful inside and out. Solid oak drawers, plywood and bespoke storage systems bring together exceptional elegance and effortless functionality. From their earthy natural colours to their wonderful practical features, a Tomas Kitchen is simply lovely to live in.


You can find our studio situated just off Falloden Way; please look out for the turning onto North Way road. If you would like to visit, please let a member of our team know so we can be on hand to assist.

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The vision of designer and director Tomas Hinton, our distinctive Tomas kitchens are individually hand-built at our Cambridge Production Centre and exclusively available at our Tomas showrooms. Simply put, you won’t find a Tomas kitchen elsewhere.

As manufacturers of such a truly unique product, the quality and longevity of our kitchens are of utmost importance. Our skilled team of craftspeople build each kitchen from durable plywood and exquisite solid oak. The attention to detail that goes into each piece ensures the finest and most precise finish. As well as epitomising truly outstanding quality and genuine value, our kitchens boast excellent green credentials.


​As a complete kitchen company, we dedicate exactly the same level of care and attention to our service as we do to our superb products. Our first-class service can be tailored to suit your requirements. Should your Highgate kitchen project involve removing your existing interior or designing around a new build, we offer a flexible dry fit, jointly managed, and fully managed level of service to suit your needs.

Exquisite Original Kitchen & Furniture Designs

37PRET decoSHEER by Tomas 6_edited.png
naturalSHEER - Foreshore Slate Island - Open Shelf.jpg
37PRET decoSHEER by Tomas 8 without pendant or roof light.jpg
Royston KItchen9361.jpg

View Our Kitchen Projects... 

It’s safe to say that no two Tomas kitchens ever look alike. With six stunning collections to choose from alongside our varied and timeless ‘Abstract Five’ colour range, you can look forward to finding your own perfect and completely original Tomas design. Each Tomas kitchen in our collection focuses on a slightly different theme, for example, if you’re looking for a truly pared-back aesthetic, our minimalSHEER is perfect, or for something more traditional, you might consider our classicSHEER. Our liveDESIGN sessions are intended to create a supportive environment in which to explore your ideas and work towards the realisation of your unique bespoke interior. You can discover some of the wonderful kitchens we’ve recently created with our clients by clicking below.

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